Click on the following links to access some of the most current, practical and inspiring numeracy websites available:


Daily Math Routines at Your Fingertips

All the latest 10-15 minute daily routines in one convenient place.  Just click on each image and they are yours: number talks, estimation tasks, dot cards, WODB, numberless word problems, Evergreen Games and more.  


Youcubed – K-12

Features brain science, math mindset, visual tasks and number talks for students in K-12.  Be sure to check out the week of inspirational math.  Co-created by Jo Boaler.


Janice Novakowski blog, SD38 Richmond Teacher Consultant for Math and Science K-12

Responsive teaching practices in math and science connected to the new BC curriculum.  “We don't just play with manipulatives and math tools, we play with ideas. We need to nurture a sense of wonder.”  


The Recovering Traditionalist – K-3 (Build Math Minds)

Easy to follow tutorials and PD videos from former middle school math teacher Christina Tondevold, that is helping other teachers learn what she learned about how children think about mathematics. She focuses on students' conceptual rather than procedural understanding.


Estimation 180 – K-12

Daily estimation challenges to help students improve both number sense and problem solving skills. 


Which One Doesn’t Belong? - K-12

Thought provoking open-ended puzzles for math students and teachers.  No answers provided as there are many ways to describe which one doesn’t belong.


Clothesline Math

The greatest tool for teaching number sense is the number line. The Clothesline is a manipulatable number line that makes the facilitation of class discourse on number sense much more efficient and effective. The Clothesline is dynamic, meaning that the “benchmark” numbers may be adjusted when needed, as well as the values that are placed on the line.  


Graham Fletcher has worked in education for over ten years as a classroom teacher, math coach, and currently as a district math specialist.

 He is the creator of fascinating and informative Math Progressions videos and 3 Acts Lessons.


Number Talk Images 

A collaborative project dedicated to gathering interesting real-life photographic images ​to be used as a launching point for Number Talks


Elementary Number Talks – K-5

Order and sequence of computation strategies to use for number talks in K-5 based on Sherry Parish’ book. 


Susan’s Math Games – K-12

Collection of games and puzzles for K-12 (even adults!) compiled by retired post-secondary math teacher Susan Milner (UFV).


Carole Fullerton, private math teacher consultant in British Columbia – K-9.  

Games and resources to support student number sense development. 


Elementary Math Addict Blog – K-6

Jamie Duncan's inspiring blog that encourages teachers with a focus on literacy to step into the math world.


Steve Wyborney, an award-winning teacher and instructional coach from Oregon. He is well known for his use of instructional technology and his work with mathematics and his passionate belief in the exceptional potential of every student.  In 2005, Steve was named the Oregon Teacher of the Year.  

He is the creator of the Splat, Tiled Area Questions and Cube Connectors activities.

SavageBird Learning

Learning materials have been created by the team of Kevin Bird and Kirk Savage to assist teachers in making effective use of Performance Standards based assessments in the K-12 education system.