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Build Math Minds

Christina Tondevold, The Recovering Traditionalist, is a former middle school teacher who used to teach math "the traditional way."  She now helps teachers learn that math is not taught, it's caught.  Check out her site to learn about teaching early number concepts.  She offers excellent online Professional Development opportunities and pairs up with other educators for regular webinars.     


Graham Fletchy has worked in education for over ten years as a classroom teacher, math coach, and currently as a district math specialist.  He is the creator of fascinating and informative Math Progressions videos and 3 Acts Lessons.  Find these on his website as well as printable subitizing cards.         


    Math 4 Love.  Curriculum and lesson ideas for teaching and learning number concepts.  

Math Coachs Corner

Donna Boucher is a former classroom teacher, math instructional coach and math interventionist.  Her blog is full of resources, games, printables and posts that summarize current best practice in mathematics number sense.  


Carole Fullerton

Carole Fullerton is a private math teacher consultant in British Columbia for grades K-9.  On her blog site you will find games and resources to support student number sense development. 


Deanna McLennan

Playful Learning in the Early Years.  Deanna McLennan is a Reggio Emilia inspired Kindergarten teacher. She believes in a play-based, exploratory, democratic learning environment and has spent much time reading, researching, and writing about these various issues.  Find lesson and activity ideas on her page that support play-based, exploratory learning of number sense concepts.